You’d think that maybe money

Could pay the price

If we all gave what we could

You’d think it should suffice.

And you’d think that maybe riches

Such as gold and gems and stuff

If the pile reached to heaven

You’d think it would be enough.

Or if not in things we own

You’d think that we could earn it

With out hands we could labor

Through our sweat we could learn it.

And you’d think you could find it

Even if it’s not nearby

You’d think maybe in the sea depths

Or somewhere in the sky.

Yet though we’ve searched on mountains high

And dug deep in the ground

We still could never discover the place

Where wisdom can be found.

But God understands the way

And tells us through His word

That wisdom and understanding

Begin with fearing the Lord.

So though we should give all we own

Or work our whole life through

We never could buy understanding

Nor have wisdom that’s true.

Where do we search for wisdom

And in what place do we look?

How can we learn to fear the Lord?

In the bible, His holy book.


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