Without a Goodbye

I enjoyed those cold Wednesday nights, upstairs in the loud, stuffy church attic. While darkness would settle on the world outside, the crowded classroom, filled with a dozen kids under the age of twelve, was bright and alive with energetic voices.

Emily and I were the only two girls, except for the nights that Angel came. We big-sistered most of the boys, considering that half of them were our  little brothers. Emily was younger than I, and short for her age. We both played Fur Elise, but she was better at piano than I. We both enjoyed singing.♫ I loved chatting with her and doing lots of little things together. I have memories of us standing under the big oak tree at twilight, snacking, strolling around the building, watching the boys play basketball.

Our friendship continued on through VBS and then the Christmas Program. It survived dozens of laps around the parking lot ☺ and many, many nights of watching the sun set on the horizon. When Angel was there it was even better. We would walk around as a trio, the only girls at church.

Then one day my Dad told our family that we wouldn’t be going to that church anymore. Just like that. We were in the car at the time. I turned to look out the window, realizing that I would never have the chance to say goodbye.

Sometimes we drive by there. Within sight of the church, with the big oak tree, the basketball hoop, the parking lot, the attic window. It makes me sad that I missed out on saying goodbye to all the kids there, and especially Emily and Angel. But “There’s no great loss without some small gain”, and I learned a lesson through it all that everyone must someday learn. You never know when someone is going to leave your life. Unexpected partings happen. So cherish every moment because the friends you have now could be gone tomorrow, and you will regret every minute that you took for granted.


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