Old Fashioned

Indians, prairie girls, farmer boys, and a pirate all playing together? My church was able to witness this stunning sight just this week at our annual Old Fashioned Sunday.

Every year in September we take a day to celebrate the ageless truth of God’s word. We come dressed in clothes dated from the days of the pilgrims, the 1800’s, and all the way up through the 1950’s. It has always been one of my favorite church events, and this year certainly did not disappoint me. We sung the hymns, “The Bible Stands”, “The Old Book and the Old Faith”, and our pastor spoke on the timeless truths of salvation, sanctification, and Christian service.

It’s wonderful to think about how though times have changed drastically over the centuries, God never changes. And neither does His word! Men try to “fix” His already perfect word, creating all these modern versions. But He promised to preserve His word, and He did, and I have the privilege of holding it, reading it, believing it, and sharing it.

Newer isn’t always better, and if the world labels me “old fashioned” because I believe in God, and try to pattern my life according to His rules, I find it no insult. Like the hymn says,
“My sin was old-fashioned,

My guilt was old-fashioned,

God’s love was old-fashioned, I know;

And the way I was saved was the old-fashioned way,

Through the blood that makes whiter than snow.”

(The Old Fashioned Way, by Civilla D. Martin)

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