How can I even sway.

Before I go to sleep

You’re the last thought that I think

As in prayer I come before your face.

As I’m starting to sink

As I waver on the brink

That’s when I know that life without you is a waste.


And you’re always on my mind

As I’m pushing through time

And you never leave my heart

Center of my existence

Why do I ever show resistance

When you are my very start.


Why do I ever walk away?

I could never say.

Why do I ever stray

How could I even sway?


Because your love is so great

It breaks through humans’ hate.


And you cared so much

You were willing to die

You gave Your life

So that you could save mine.


And though ten thousand angels

Were at your call

To break you from the cross

You chose to stay and save

Man from the fall

Because we were so lost.



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