The Eyes of Every American

Are the elections really only 4 days away?!?! I find it hard to believe that it has come that quickly.

Excuse me while I put on red white & blue and carry a flag down the street chanting “U-S-A!”

I think most of us agree that neither candidate has the qualities we need & want in a president. It has come to who we would rather have instead of who we actually want. 

I know every eye is on this election. The media has rigged up a lot of suspence. I’d like to believe that Trump will win and we’ll be kept from the greater evil, though either way has its cons. I feel like it’s gonna be Hillary, but maybe it’s just my pessimistic self telling me that. I will admit, Trump has a good chance.

Sadly, there isn’t a lot of hope when the eyes of the people are on their phones instead of where they need to be – on the Lord. Unless there is a great revival, how can we expect to still be blessed by God? We have shown Him our backs when it ought to be our faces (Jeremiah 32:33).

It is in times like this, though, that believers are reminded that we have a future home to look forward to where there will be no corrupted government. Try as we might, humans cannot establish a perfect and lasting form of rule here on earth. But when Jesus is our King, we won’t have to worry about wrongs and injustices.

I believe that Jesus is coming very soon. I have no idea what is going to happen to America and all the freedoms that people have fought & died for. But I really hope I’m not here to see it happen.

So until then, I will be praying.

🇺🇸🗽 🇺🇸🗽 🇺🇸🗽

Check out my friend Abbie’s post, Hope for the Coming Years.


Are you watching the elections? What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The Eyes of Every American

  1. Well Trump won! I prayed for the lesser of two evils, along with a lot of other believers in the United States, and God was gracious and answered my prayers! Great post, and thank you so much for linking to my blog! ❤️❤️❤️

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