Youth Rally

So this weekend, I was able to go with my youth group to Wolf Mountain Christian camp for their yearly youth rally. We went up Saturday morning, arriving at about 8:30 and leaving at about 6:00 p.m.

I wasn’t able to go last year, and all my friends had had a wonderful time, especially playing laser tag. So I was really hoping that it would be fun.

However…it didn’t exactly go as we hoped. It was pouring down rain!

And all the activities were outside.


We were all freezing in our sweatshirts, not to speak of the dampness that just wouldn’t go away. Thankfully I had worn boots because all my friends got their Vans and their Converse muddy and soaked.  At one point, we were all standing under a (very pathetic) tarp, when a gust of wind blew it off the (very flimsy) structure holding it up. Water dumped on us…as if we weren’t already wet enough!

Something that disappointed us was, with different churches competing against each other for a grand prize, we saw some kids from other teams cheating. It made us really sad. At a Christian camp, you would hope that people would try to be honest. I think our group came in like 4th or 5th, but we did so honestly. Maybe we didn’t win, but we stand with clean consciences before God, and that is worth far more.

Anyways, maybe the day wasn’t flawless.

But, you know what, we don’t always remember the days that went perfectly. We don’t always think of the days that slide by without bumps.

Sometimes great memories are made shivvering in the cold,

sliding in mud,

and soaking wet.

And in the end, the games were a lot of fun, and the staff were all super friendly and energetic. I’m not gonna look back at this day and remember the little annoyances and discomforts. I’m gonna remember being with my friends. Enjoying all the amazing little incidents. The moments where we would laugh so hard I almost fell over. Cause rain doesn’t take that kind of stuff away.

Most importantly, the messages were inspiring. The speakers were excellent in sharing their point, and made us laugh too. One of them talked from Ecclesiastes about how, we don’t know when we’re gonna die, and all the stuff we do for ourselves, all our treasures here – they’re gonna be gone. It’s what we send ahead that matters. That really spoke to me.

So I am thankful for being able to go, though I did enjoy a nice hot shower when I finally got home. 😋


Have you had an experience that somehow went wrong, but was a blessing anyway? Share your story below!

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