I’d trade it all


Born in the United States. Brought up with every need supplied, and showered with abundant possessions. Not one day have I lacked food, shelter, or clothing. I live in a land of peace and freedom. A land of possibility, of opportunity. I am surrounded by knowledge, by resources, by the conveniences of this era. Sheltered by my parents from much bad influence. Never lacking friends and support. Having an unbroken family. Never having had serious health problems. Very little stress or annoyances. In all honesty, I am one of the most blessed human beings that has ever walked this earth. I almost said THE most blessed.

But in the end there is one thing above all that has no price. One thing I would never trade.

I would give up everything else I possess before I would think of parting with this. To lose it would be agony. All the good things I have ever had, I would let them all go for this one thing:

Knowing Jesus.

Nothing else compares. Everything besides falls short.

Of the physical possessions I have, I deserve not the smallest scrap. How completely, how utterly undeserving am I. So then where does that put my salvation, and my faith in Christ? If I deserve not a shred, not a rag, how is it that I have also the promise that my spirit shall pass on to life everlasting? That after this life ends, I shall live on, and shall see my Creator one day as He is, on His throne.

I had rather live poor and wretched and miserable and have Jesus, than dwell in the palace of a king my life through and never know Him. Other things I might doubt, yet of this one thing I am sure: though I were queen of all the world, and it cost me all I had to know Jesus…

I’d trade it all.

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