He Uses Our Strangeness

I didn’t want to go that night. Didn’t want to go to prayer meeting. But for some reason I did.

I didn’t think that I would hear anything that would speak to me. Didn’t think I’d hear anything I hadn’t heard a hundred times before. But I did.

It was more of a side statement than the main message of the sermon, but it stuck out to me like the moon in the night sky. One little statement that gave me both pain and pleasure to hear.

“He uses our strangeness.”

It stuck out to me because I am strange. I’m different. I am, well, a little crazy. Don’t we all feel like that at times? For me it’s because I have an uncommonly complex thought life. I find things that interest me and I’ll spend hours in research and study. I am never satisfied with seeing only the surface. I must ever dive to new depths and see other levels, levels most people don’t know exist. I must figure everything out; in short, I am never at peace for there is always something I don’t understand. All kinds of weird little things intrigue me. And I sometimes think, why am I like this?

I always used to wonder if I’d ever find someone who thought the way I do And loved the same crazy subjects I love. And I’ve always doubted it. But the statement I heard at prayer meeting reminded me of something: it isn’t for nothing that I am the way I am. If I give myself to God, he’ll use everything. Even my strangeness. I don’t know how. I don’t know where it all fits into the puzzle. But I know I was created with purpose. And that is enough for me. I believe in destiny. Because God has it all planned. And whatever I was made to do, I am just right for that position. My job is not to question. My job it to trust. My job is to obey.

So whenever you feel like you are too weird, too odd, too different…just remember, He doesn’t just use our goodness, our talents, and our strengths. He uses our strangeness too.

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