There is a Name


Written on October 19th, 2016

There is a name

A name I heard so long ago

A name I see

Written in gold

When the sun sets over the sea.


There is a name

Known in all ages past

Year to year the same

It has never changed.

Spoken with His voice,

Angels then rejoiced,

All the world should know.


There’s a name written

With bold letters

Among the clouds:

God Almighty

Before whom nations shall bow.

There’s a name written

That every heart should fear

That all the saints hold dear

The name of the LORD our God.


There is a name

I go to in distress and grief

A name I love

And forever bless

The hope of life eternal.


And now I onward go

Singing songs of praise

To that name I know,

May the world find hope.

With us through the Son

Who in Him is one

Is our God Almighty.


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