He’s Not Done With Us Yet

I think I was probably ten or so that year. My family was on a vacation at the beach. At this particular time, my brothers and I were deep in the water jumping waves. I kept wading out deeper and deeper. The water came nearly to my shoulders, and I had to duck under the waves. Sometimes the sea weed got tangled around me. I hated how slimy it felt.

Then an extra big wave swept up. I took a deep breath and dipped under, but I had underestimated the strength of it and in seconds I was off my feet, tumbling over and over in the murky ocean waters, unable to obtain a solid footing or get my head above the surface. It was an intense moment. Adrenaline and fear tore through me. For 15 or 20 seconds (it of course felt like longer) I floundered around under water, the currant still pushing me this way and that, tossing me about as if I was a pathetic limp noodle.

Finally, I found a stable footing and broke surface to take a breath. I stood, my heart racing for a few seconds. Then, I quickly waded into a shallower area, and did not dare to enter deep waters for the rest of our stay.

This event, though it happened so many years ago, remains clear in my mind because to my little kid brain, I had “almost died” that day. Of course looking back I can see that the situation was not nearly as perilous as I imagined it to be 😁, but in those moments that I couldn’t breath, it felt pretty serious.

What I do realize, is that, God wasn’t done with me yet. He still isn’t. And, my friend, He isn’t done with you either! Every day you live, every morning you wake up, every breath you breathe, it all means He still has a plan for you! You have purpose. You have potential. You are special. And most of all, friend, until your work is done, YOU are immortal!

Until you have accomplished everything God destined you to do, you cannot die. You’re invincible. Though when your mission is accomplished nothing can hold you to this life, no power can destroy you one second before that time comes.

So, do not walk in fear and anxiety over death, but know that whether you live to be 15 or 25 or 95, if you live in Christ, your life has meaning and purpose! It is not in vain. And whether you continue in this body or break free of it, it is all for the glory of our God.


“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21

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