Dear Reader…


Dear Reader,

To me it’s not about how many followers I have. It’s not about the likes or the comments. If I wanted lots of publicity I’d write about bigger topics, use lots of tags, and advertise my blog all over the place. I’d avoid controversy and take a tolerant path to try to appeal to a diverse set of people. And while reaching a lot of individuals is a good thing, it isn’t what I would prefer.

I could be the person who blogged for money or wanted to go viral and I could spend lots of time promoting my blog all around the internet. But I don’t really want that. Because I want my blog to feel personal.

I want to be able to interact with all my readers. I want to be able to reply to all the comments. I know that most blogs with lots of followers impact lots of lives a little, but I want to influence a few lives a lot. Number doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that my writing challenges you. That you don’t just read it, think, “That was good,” and move on, but that it really encourages you and helps you take action in areas of your life you didn’t before.

I pray that you are motivated to grow in your walk with the Almighty God, that you are motivated to do right, to stand strong, to seek the truth with all your heart.

It is also for that reason that I don’t schedule my posts or just write for the sake of publishing something. I like to wait for inspiration and write when something is laid on my heart. My posts are often random (like this one), but be assured, they are genuine and heartfelt, and I believe that I write best when I am passionate about something. Sorry about the times when I don’t post for a week or two.

Anyways, I just wanted you to know that.




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