We all have an impact.

An impact on every object, place, and person we come in contact with.

Every single one.

I guess it kinda hit me just how deep that is today. How we have this thing called freewill, and we can do anything. Like I could walk into the kitchen right now if I felt like it and get a cup of milk. Or I could go and bug one of my brothers. Or I could read any book on my bookshelf, if I felt like it. It’s my choice. That feels crazy to me.

And then not only that, but each of those things would impact the people around me in different ways. If I went to the kitchen, my mom might be in there, and we might talk. Or if I go bother one of my brothers, we might get in an argument and be angry at each other for a while (which would not be good 😂). Or if I read a book, I might learn some random fact that ends up coming in handy at a very crucial moment 37 years in the future. It’s just all so impossibly complex.

I don’t have any specific reason for mentioning this, or a point for this post, but just take a minute and think about how YOU have an impact every second on your environment, and YOU can (within some limits anyways) CHOOSE where you go, what you listen to, what you say, what you wear, YOU can CHOOSE to control what you think about, who you’re friends with, what your priorities are, how you treat people, and the list can go on and on.

So, be picky, be deliberate, CHOOSE WISELY.


What were your thoughts as you read this? Feel free to leave a comment! If you would like to read more of my posts, check the menu in the sidebar, or you can start with this related post!


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