The Hammer

The wind chilled my skin. I didn’t have any kind of jacket on, and I was cold. The girls didn’t care – all four of them were running around and enjoying themselves. And anyways, it was a really nice evening, and I didn’t want to disrupt them just because I had been dumb enough to leave my sweatshirt back at the house.

I was babysitting, and we had walked across the street to play at the high school, which I had quickly found was one of the girls’ favorite hangout spots. I was okay with it because the staff didn’t mind…they even smiled and waved sometimes. Today there was no one but a few guys riding bikes, and so for an hour or two we played, with me trying to keep near the toddler, meet the demands of the 10-year-old (who has down syndrome), and still play with the other two, who were constantly vying for my attention.

It was all fine for quite a while, but then the girls began getting more and more restless. They wandered off. They refused to listen to me. They didn’t come when I called them back. Finally I had to follow them, and I found they’d wandered to a place where there was a grassy hill. It had not been mowed recently, and the grass was pretty tall. However, despite my protests, the girls ran over and began rolling down the hill over and over again.

Realizing that it would be useless trying to make them listen any longer, I simply stood with the toddler and watched them. What I had hoped would be five minutes turned into twenty. The sun was beginning to set, and it was getting even colder.

Then, the six-year-old comes up to me and tells me that she lost the hammer in the grass. The girls have a habit of carrying around random things with them. Today it was a hammer. And of course, of all the brilliant things to do, she would have it with her in that tall grass, and she would lose it somewhere.

Also, these girls could not be counted on to put any effort into finding it. I would have to look myself. They never bothered to do things that they didn’t feel like doing…getting them to clean was always the hardest part of the day.

To make things worse, the 10-year-old decided it was the perfect moment to run off. I had to chase after her and coax her back. After some effort, I got her to return, but the whole time, the other girls were yelling at me to come find the hammer!

So I began to search. I called to the girls to help but they “couldn’t”: they stood watching me instead. I would have left the thing behind, but I didn’t want to have to explain to the parents where their hammer was. I looked and I looked. But even as I did, I had no hope inside of actually finding it.

I asked the girls questions. Where did they last see it? I kept telling them to help me search. They did a little, but not really. I looked at all the grass. What was the chance that I could actually find this thing?

I was growing so frustrated with everything. So overwhelmed. So desperate.

It was in that moment that I called out to God. Not outwardly, although I felt like yelling at the top of my lungs right then.

But inside, I just whispered, God, PLEASE help me find it. Please. I know it’s just a little thing. But please.

And I’ll never forget it because right then, right then, I saw it.

Right after I prayed.

Almost like God was waiting for me to ask Him.

Matthew 7:7-8
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

I couldn’t believe I’d actually found it. It was a miracle.


I learned that day to just ask. To ask God to help me. I also certainly learned to seek. Crazy, chaotic evening though it was, I left with a lesson and memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

It’s not that it will always be just that simple…definitely not! But sometimes I just need a reminder that God is always there & He cares, and this experience served to do just that.


Thank you for reading!!! Please

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