8 Things I’d Love to Experience Someday

We all have things we dream of doing, seeing, and experiencing sometime, and I’m no exception. I could honestly find thousands of things to list! Although I choose to be content with whatever falls my way, I still have a lot of big aspirations. There’s nothing wrong with hoping…after all, that is often how we get places 🙂

So have fun reading this! I present to you: 8 of the Top Things I’d Love to Experience Someday.

See the northern lights.


Definitely one of my top dreams. I am like 99.99999% sure I would be blown away to see something so completely beautiful in real life.

Ride in a hot air balloon.



I rarely ever am scared of heights, and I think riding in a hot air balloon would be so cool. I mean, just drifting away, up into the sky…ahhhhh….

Witness a volcanic eruption.


Is this a weird thing to want to witness? Because I think it would be fascinating.

See a meteor shower.


IT’S RAINING STAAARRRRRSS!!!!!!!!! Yeah I know, not really 🙂

Ride a hang glider


Hey, who wouldn’t want to know what it feels like to be a bird?!!

Visit the southern hemisphere.

I’ve never been there, and I hear it’s actually quite different. There is very little twilight period there…within a very short time of sunset, it gets completely dark, especially during their summer time. I just want to experience and observe the difference for myself.

See the great rift with my own eyes.


Yasssss. I’ve seen so many cool pictures of it. I’m not sure if I can see it from where I live or not, but anyways, I never have.

See a disco star through a telescope or super zoom camera.

I. Would. Be. Ecstatic. I’ve seen the pictures and the videos BUT I WANT TO SEE IT IN REAL LIFE!!!!!


Thanks for reading! HAVE YOU SEEN/EXPERIENCED ANY OF THESE THINGS?? TELL ME!!! What are some things you dream of doing?


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