The Night We Were Chased by a Black Truck


It was late on a Wednesday night down south in Phoenix, Arizona. Church service had ended long ago. For at least an hour or more I had been wandering around with my friends, watching all the guys play in the gym, talking to people, having a great time. But now most people had left, and it was time for us to head back to the house where we were staying at.

“Us” consisted of my pastor, his wife & their four little children, two of my friends (let’s call them Alise and Liana), my brother, and another guy from our church (let’s call him Jay). We all piled in the van, my friends and I in the back seat. We were probably very loud and rambunctious and riled up as we headed out.ย We can all get pretty crazy!


About 10 minutes into the trip, we were stopped at a red light when a big black truck pulled up next to us. The light turned green right then so we started to go, but a we were going through the intersection, the black truck started honking at us. Pastor was like, “are they honking at me?” and we were all kind of surprised and asking, “what did we do?”


Then, the truck started following us. Not just a block or two. They kept coming. We all kinda freaked out. Pastor calmly tried to lose them by going in circles and then by speeding a bit, but they kept on our tail the whole way.


By this time we were genuinely concerned. So concerned, that Pastor called the cops. However, while he was on the phone with them, the truck stopped following us.

We all breathed a sigh of relief. That had been creepy! My friends and I started laughing. How weird. We finally got to the house where we were staying.


We took off all over again, and the truck followed. Everyone was like WHATTT?!?!! THEY KNEW WHERE WE LIVED? Us teens were making battle plans for when they caught us. We had already concluded of course that they were gangsters and we’d been chosen as their next victims. We had all chosen our weapons. Alise, Liana and I, being in the back row, were ducking down below the seat, then popping up to look and see if the truck was still behind us. Pastor was on the phone with the cops again. The truck was still there, honking, flashing their lights, the driver gesturing frantically out the window. We sped from street to street without end, barely stopping at stop signs. My friends and I apparently react ridiculously in the face of danger, because we were absolutely dying of laughter in the back seat.

A light turned red in front of us. Pastor almost ran it, but thought better of the move and stopped.

Then, it happened.

The black truck came charging up, and came along side us. My friends and I stopped laughing. Jay and my brother brandished their weapons. The Pastor looked over, his eyes big.

Then, all of a sudden, the Pastor’s wife said, “Honey! They’re from church…we know them!”

We all looked at each other. Then we started cracking up! Pastor awkwardly apologized to whoever he had gotten on the phone. I guess the adrenaline buildup was fuel to my fire because I had tears in my eyes from laughter. “I thought we were gone for a minute there!” Alise managed to say in between bursts.

Needless to say, we have talked about that crazy night for years. I don’t really remember much else about it except that while Pastor and his wife were talking to the people, Alise and I looked over at the house we were parked in front of and there was this creepy person in the window staring at us, and also my friends stayed up until like 1 a.m. painting each other with puff paints.



Thank you for reading this story! Yes it’s actually true ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned because in my next post I’m gonna tell another story from the same trip, and you won’t want to miss it!



7 thoughts on “The Night We Were Chased by a Black Truck

  1. Hahaha! I remember “Jay” calling right after that happened and we could barely even talk cuz you guys were so rambunctious in the background ! It was so crazy! Glad you’re all safe ๐Ÿ™‚

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