A day after the night we were chased by a black truck, our group arrived at the campground, and soon after, we all began setting up our tents. It was a scorching Arizona summer afternoon and my friends and I were practically dripping sweat. We had found a small shady area under some scraggly little trees where we had placed our claim. Our conversation as we put up the tent went something like this:

“It is sooooo hot here!”

“How do all of the people who live here survive?!?!?!”

“I don’t know. Here…put the pole through there…”

“Hey, I thought there was supposed to be a river at this campsight!”

“The pastor said it’s down the road a ways.”

“Ooof! Almost finished setting up here.”

“What do you think we’ll do? Will more people come?”

“Maybe. Hey, should we put the cover on the tent?”

“Nah. I don’t think so, it would make it way too hot in there.”

“True. Dude, did you hear you have to walk down the road AND pay, just for a shower?!?!”

“I ain’t taking one.”

“Me either!”

“Let’s go see if the boys are done.”

That first day went pretty slow, marked only by exploring the site, waiting for more people to arrive, and a big cockroach landing on us during the evening service. Then we went to our tent and crashed.

Sometime in the night I was awakened by Alise calling my name. Just as I was entering reality, in that weird stage between sleep and awakening, I suddenly snapped out of it with the realization that it was raining and I was getting wet! I sprung out of bed and the two of us struggled to find the door, and then to get & put up the tent cover in the dark & rain.

In the morning we laughed about it, because not only had it RAINED! but also we had totally thought “nah we don’t need to put up the cover!”

We had been completely unprepared for it to rain.

And you know what, it makes me think about how totally unprepared we are for other things too. We always think, “nah, that won’t happen!” And then when it does, well we’re all shocked when we could have just planned for the unexpected.

So let’s learn from my mistake. Be ready. Put on the rain cover anyway, and then you can sleep peacefully on instead of having to get up at 3 a.m. to do it. 😉


Matthew 24:44
Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.



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