Goodbye, 2017


Goodbye, 2017.

Goodbye to all the confusion and frustration I’ve felt.

Goodbye to all the mistakes I’ve made and all the many times I messed up.

Goodbye to the negativity and the depression and sadness.

Goodbye to my younger self, to the me that I hope to never be again.

Goodbye to the days…weeks…months…that I strayed from my God.

Goodbye to my hopeless self.


Hello 2018.

Hello to motivation and order.

Hello to brand new days with no mistakes in them yet.

Hello to joy and positivity and happiness and peace.

Hello to my older self, someone I am creating myself to be.

Hello to days…weeks…months…that I will walk in the presence of the LORD.

Hello to my hopeful self.



Photos via Unsplash.

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