The Reason for the Hurricane


If I was in charge of my life, it would be in downward spirals.

If I were holding the reins, I’d be full speed in the wrong direction.

If I were driving the car of my life, I would have run into a tree by now.

If it were up to me, I’d pick and choose the people in my life to be those who suited me. I’d rig the events in my favor. I’d make my life enjoyable, happy. I’d discard the heartbreak and the mistakes and the fails and the disappointments. I’d have done it all different. It would be laughter and music and friends and pizza.

And that is exactly why I’m glad I don’t have a choice.

Because who would I be without trials? What weakling would I become without my load to lift? What would my smile be without the shadows behind it!? How could I truly sing if I’d never sobbed!? How could I be strong if I’d never cracked!?

So I’m thankful that God’s the one Who ordains it all. Because even though his path twines through dark forests and deep canyons, into rushing rivers and crushing avalanches, and I often call out “why LORD!?” I always find that down the trail I discover the reason for the hurricane.


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