The Creator Speaks


This past Sunday evening, my pastor gave a sermon about how God speaks. How God has beyond all doubt, beyond all coincidence, spoken for His truth and evidenced His existence. My pastor gave some specific and very powerful stories from the Bible and history showing that God speaks.

These stories fill me with joy because, honestly, oftentimes we think that our creator is silent. A speechless God. A hidden, a faraway God.

But no, oh no, Christian. For us, our Creator is not silent. It is our ears that are waxed dull of hearing. It is our eyes that are too blind to see.

The voice of our Creator is still powerful in the earth. His hand is stretched out still. God steps in and shows Himself strong. Simply watch. Simply listen. Pay attention to what is going on in the world, and you will realize beyond the shadow of a doubt that God speaks. Search throughout your everyday life. Seek the LORD and He will be found of you, for He giveth grace unto the humble.

I was pondering the fact that God speaks late last night, riding in the car. I was praying that God would lead me in what He had next for me in life. As I prayed, I looked out the window at the passing terrain, and as I did so, I saw a large billboard with the words, “In the beginning, God created.”

Friends, a huge smile just spread across my face right there. How could I ever doubt that my Creator would speak?! Just as He spoke all things into existence, His voice is heard still. I knew that the fact that we had passed that billboard RIGHT when I was praying for God to lead me and RIGHT when I happened to look out the window was not by chance, the way life is not by chance. You know why? Because things like that happen to me ALL THE TIME. It is so far above mere coincidence by now. These things are prepared by God.

Sleepily, I took a pen and jotted down a few words to challenge myself that I hope I never forget:

“The Creator speaks, we just don’t always listen.”



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