5 Ways to Prepare For Youth Camp

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I am so excited because my church’s youth camp is in just over a week now! I am looking forward to it very much! And because of that, I have been thinking of things I can do to prepare ahead of time, based on previous years of experience. If you are going to a youth camp, church camp, or other Christian camp this year, then here are some ways you can get ready that will make your experience a better one!

1: Prepare your heart.

The most important part of camp is not the s’mores, glowsticks, or even being with your friends. The point is to grow closer to God.

Sometimes I have gone to camp thinking that all my problems would be solved just by going and hearing the messages and letting the Spirit do all the work. But that isn’t how it happens! If you truly want to experience spiritual revival at camp, you have to prepare your heart ahead of time to receive the messages and to have the right motives and desires.

Which leads to #2….

2: Get right with God before you go.

Going to camp will not automatically “fix” your relationship with God. You will not suddenly become spiritual just because you had an emotional moment while you were there and went forward during one, or even all, of the services.

If you aren’t right with God, if your relationship with Him needs mending, then don’t wait for camp to do that. Work it out right now! Begin walking with Him again today, begin delighting in Him, and you will find yourself much better prepared for what He has for you at camp.

3: Get in the Word.

Did you know that whatever you fill your mind and heart with is what you will begin to center your life on? If you fill yourself with the world and with sin via television, the internet, bad music, etc, that is the kind of person you will become. However, if you spend your time reading the Bible, studying it, thinking about it, and memorizing it then you will become a person who thinks the way God thinks and also acts accordingly.

Spending an extra amount of time in the scriptures before camp will put you in the right mindset, one that is centered on doing what is right and drawing closer to the Lord. This should be your ultimate aim in going to camp, and reading the word of God will help you focus your thoughts and heart on this goal.

4: Pray.

Praying is oh, so important all the time, but especially as you are looking to prepare for camp. Ask your Heavenly Father to open your heart to what He has for you during camp, and also for how you can be a blessing to others while you are there. Throughout your preparation and packing, pray over little things, like who you can be an encouragement to, what you can wear that will honor Him, and other small details that come to mind. Remember, “In ALL thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

5: Think of others, not yourself.

I too often find myself considering how it will be fun for me, pleasing to me, good for me, and I forget that I am not who I should be focused on. God of course is number one. But not only that, it is essential that I think about others and how I can be a blessing to them and serve in whatever ways I can throughout camp.

We should do our very best to be building up our brothers and sisters in Christ, encouraging them, loving them, and putting them first. Going to camp is about helping others have a good time and grow in the Lord, not just us. Not only that, but there could very well be those who are unsaved there, and they will be watching how we act whether we are ready or not. Always do your best to shine the light of Jesus Christ!

In conclusion…

I pray this has been an encouragement and challenge to you! I know that doing these things before camp helps me get the most out of my experience there. Hope they do for you too!

Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you do to prepare for Youth Camp!


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