Poison in the Food Source

MANY HEROES AND HEROINES make their entrances and exits throughout the scenes in the Bible. So do many antagonists. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the greatest Hero; and the greatest antagonist is Satan. This antagonist makes his entrance in Genesis 3:1 in the garden of Eden, and his opening words give great insight into what his quest has been ever since being cast into the world. … Continue reading Poison in the Food Source

The Creator Speaks

  This past Sunday evening, my pastor gave a sermon about how God speaks. How God has beyond all doubt, beyond all coincidence, spoken for His truth and evidenced His existence. My pastor gave some specific and very powerful stories from the Bible and history showing that God speaks. These stories fill me with joy because, honestly, oftentimes we think that our creator is silent. … Continue reading The Creator Speaks

What Would YOU Die For?

“No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.” ~unknown   Have you ever thought about it? What you would die for. What matters SO MUCH to you, that you would give your life for it. Have you ever thought about what strikes the most passion in you…what touches on your deepest thoughts and feelings…what you sympathize with or believe … Continue reading What Would YOU Die For?

Why Modesty is Important to Me

Dressing modestly isn’t important to most people. In fact, let’s be brutally honest…most people try to get away with letting as much show as possible. That’s just the vicious truth. And not to excuse anyone in the slightest, but we’ve all been so thoroughly conditioned to it. It’s shown on billboards, in commercials & TV programs, movies, magazines, etc, and it’s being glorified and lifted … Continue reading Why Modesty is Important to Me