The Creator Speaks

  This past Sunday evening, my pastor gave a sermon about how God speaks. How God has beyond all doubt, beyond all coincidence, spoken for His truth and evidenced His existence. My pastor gave some specific and very powerful stories from the Bible and history showing that God speaks. These stories fill me with joy because, honestly, oftentimes we think that our creator is silent. … Continue reading The Creator Speaks

Why I’m Grateful I Was Homeschooled

Yeah, being home schooled was pretty great. I was always top of my class… …and bottom of my class. People think you must be pretty smart… …or seriously under educated. You’re not stuck inside all day… …but get stopped by police when you’re out riding your bike because you’re “not in school”. No but seriously that has happened to me before. I was simply riding … Continue reading Why I’m Grateful I Was Homeschooled

But is it Wise?

“The Bible doesn’t actually say it’s wrong!” I get this excuse over and over again. “You can’t show me a verse saying it’s a sin, so it must be okay!” People expect all the answers to be in black and white. And you know what? It shows they’re lazy. They don’t want to take the time to study and figure it out. And not only … Continue reading But is it Wise?