Left Out

I was hurrying from lunch to work when I glanced over and unexpectedly saw them. Three people that I thought were my friends. But three people who were constantly leaving me out. They were sitting at a picnic bench underneath a tree, eating their lunch together. At the second that I glanced over, I saw them start laughing, enjoying themselves. I almost met the eyes … Continue reading Left Out

Live Forever

“Let my lord king David live for ever,” said Bathsheba to the king of Israel. (1 Kings 1:31.) “Let the king live for ever,” said Nehemiah to the king Artaxerxes of Persia. (Nehemiah 2:3.) “O king, live for ever,” spake the Chaldeans to the king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. (Daniel 2:4.) The queen said, “O king, live for ever,” to king Belshazzar of Babylon. (Daniel 5:10.) … Continue reading Live Forever

Are Christians Sexist?

Are Christians sexist? According to my Cross-Cultural Psychology textbook, Christians practice a form of sexism called “Benevolent Sexism.” This is the idea that women are kept in inferior roles by positive reinforcement. It is a sexism that adores women and keeps them from equality by treating them with chivalry and protecting and providing for them. I’ve seen a belief and attitude seeping into the female … Continue reading Are Christians Sexist?

3 Verses that are Often Misquoted

I get misquoted sometimes. You get misquoted sometimes. Politicians get misquoted all the time. So do books, movies, articles, TV shows, and on and on the list goes. The Bible, too, gets misquoted often, and there are probably hundreds of examples you and I could bring up. However, here are three that are kind of small, and you might even be guilty of quoting them … Continue reading 3 Verses that are Often Misquoted

Purpose in Your Heart

A heart without purpose is a heart that is tossed to and fro. A heart without purpose is ungrounded, unstable, and undependable. Today I want to encourage you to take action. To settle your heart so that you can be a solid and unshakable follower of God. Do you know what is lacking in many Christians’ lives? Planning. Planning for possible decisions that might need … Continue reading Purpose in Your Heart