Single, But Not Single

  Single but not single. That's what I am. Most people would say single, because I'm not in a romantic relationship. But I say, not single. Because "single" has the idea of being alone and I am far from alone. Whoever decided you needed a romantic partner to be happy or part of a "couple" … Continue reading Single, But Not Single


3 More Lies I was Told in Church

  Since writing my first post like this, 3 Lies I was Told in Church, I have continued to notice more examples. Maybe my readers have too. The thing is, these lies are not intentional, but they have slipped in unnoticed and it's a matter of locating and combating them. I think it's important to bring awareness … Continue reading 3 More Lies I was Told in Church

HE Heals Me

I could fix it! I knew what I was doing! I would show the world that I was smart and had it figured out. I would heal myself.   ... I generally don't share a lot of my problems on here, but a verse I read in my Bible reading recently just hit me really … Continue reading HE Heals Me

Goodbye, 2017

  Goodbye, 2017. Goodbye to all the confusion and frustration I've felt. Goodbye to all the mistakes I've made and all the many times I messed up. Goodbye to the negativity and the depression and sadness. Goodbye to my younger self, to the me that I hope to never be again. Goodbye to the days...weeks...months...that … Continue reading Goodbye, 2017

My Thoughts About the Extra-canonical Books of the Bible

Almost nobody talks about them. Very few people ever address the subject...maybe because they are still stuck talking about David or Joseph? (Sorry...insider joke from this post.) But seriously, did you know there are dozens and dozens of books not included in, but closely related to the Bible? I don't know why, but I was … Continue reading My Thoughts About the Extra-canonical Books of the Bible

Watching Stars

I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning. I rolled over to go back to sleep and noticed a light beaming through my curtain. I went to look, and found that the light was a bright star. While I was at the window, I noticed how lovely it was outside. With it being an almost … Continue reading Watching Stars

Is it OK to Just Enjoy Things?

  We all feel guilty sometimes because of all the things that we enjoy that others do not have. We think about people who are less fortunate than us and somehow we feel we are to blame. Now it is true that we should be giving generously to those around us who have needs. We … Continue reading Is it OK to Just Enjoy Things?