Is it OK to Just Enjoy Things?

We all feel guilty sometimes because of all the things that we enjoy that others do not have. We think about people who are less fortunate than us and somehow we feel we are to blame. Now it is true that we should be giving generously to those around us who have needs. We should … Continue reading Is it OK to Just Enjoy Things?



A day after the night we were chased by a black truck, our group arrived at the campground, and soon after, we all began setting up our tents. It was a scorching Arizona summer afternoon and my friends and I were practically dripping sweat. We had found a small shady area under some scraggly little … Continue reading Unprepared

The Night We Were Chased by a Black Truck

It was late on a Wednesday night down south in Phoenix, Arizona. Church service had ended long ago. For at least an hour or more I had been wandering around with my friends, watching all the guys play in the gym, talking to people, having a great time. But now most people had left, and … Continue reading The Night We Were Chased by a Black Truck

The Orphanage Built on Faith

(Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash) It was late afternoon on a hot summer day down in Navajoa, Mexico. I stood with a small group of people in the middle of a big, big dusty lot on which there already stood a one-room church. We had traveled an hour to get there, plus the time … Continue reading The Orphanage Built on Faith

8 Things I’d Love to Experience Someday

We all have things we dream of doing, seeing, and experiencing sometime, and I'm no exception. I could honestly find thousands of things to list! Although I choose to be content with whatever falls my way, I still have a lot of big aspirations. There's nothing wrong with hoping...after all, that is often how we … Continue reading 8 Things I’d Love to Experience Someday