Poison in the Food Source Part 2

In Poison in the Food Source part 1, we looked at an abstract argument. It showed the reasonableness in assuming Satan would mess with God’s word, attempting to confuse us and question what God clearly said. Now, I am going to cut straight to the point. I am going to make the claim that the King James translation is the perfect word of God in English. And … Continue reading Poison in the Food Source Part 2

Lies that Christian Girls Believe #1

Have you noticed it too? The lies that have made their way into the attitudes of Christian girls? Oh no! Christians are people who have admitted that they don’t know everything and so they have trusted in the Bible to show them truth. And a true Christian believes that the Bible is true on every subject and that he or she ought to change his … Continue reading Lies that Christian Girls Believe #1


Have you ever felt like you needed to push a reset button on your devotions? Like me, do you struggle with setting up a consistent time in the Bible every day? Maybe you have never had one! Maybe you used to but lost the habit (that’s me!). Or maybe your schedule changed and threw everything off…. I used to read my Bible every day as … Continue reading Reset

Should Churches Comply with Covid Guidelines?

As I said in my last post, my goal is not to divide or to argue. But I wanted to bring together some passages that relate to the situation and could benefit someone who might be in a position in a church to influence decisions made about Covid. Maybe you haven’t quite settled in your heart a biblical basis for what you believe. It in … Continue reading Should Churches Comply with Covid Guidelines?

Approaching Different COVID responses the Right Way

There is a point at which any Christian would (hopefully) say, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29).  The argument is not in that. The argument between Christians during this time is rather where that line lies. Let me say right away: I’m writing this not to promote division. I am not trying to expand the gulf that already separates the “mask” … Continue reading Approaching Different COVID responses the Right Way

Believe the Bible First.

Friends, you and I live in a world where everyone thinks they’re an expert. Everyone thinks they have it figured out. Everyone thinks they have the solution. Every media site, every article, every reporter, every script writer, every politician, every blogger, and every random person on twitter thinks that they’re right and if anyone disagrees, well, they’re ignorant! and definitely WRONG! So – who IS … Continue reading Believe the Bible First.

Stay At Home: What Not to do

What a brilliant scheme it is! Millions of Americans scurried away into their houses and locked their doors. Like fearful, trembling Piglets, they emerge only as is demanded of necessity – and even then, they parade around with masks and shy away from other humans with disgust and dread in their eyes. What more perfect way to divide the American people? To make them fear … Continue reading Stay At Home: What Not to do

Should Christians Join the Military? Part 2

Before jumping into any important life decision, the best thing one could do is to make sure that decision is in line with God’s word. Should a person who is born again join the U.S. Military? Here I am going to examine what God has to say about war. If you missed Part one, click here! Old Testament… I want to show some Bible passages … Continue reading Should Christians Join the Military? Part 2