8 Things I’d Love to Experience Someday

We all have things we dream of doing, seeing, and experiencing sometime, and I'm no exception. I could honestly find thousands of things to list! Although I choose to be content with whatever falls my way, I still have a lot of big aspirations. There's nothing wrong with hoping...after all, that is often how we … Continue reading 8 Things I’d Love to Experience Someday


What Would YOU Die For?

"No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they'd die for." ~unknown   Have you ever thought about it? What you would die for. What matters SO MUCH to you, that you would give your lifeĀ for it. Have you ever thought about what strikes the most passion in you...what touches on … Continue reading What Would YOU Die For?

Why Modesty is Important to Me

Dressing modestly isn't important to most people. In fact, let's be brutally honest...most people try to get away with letting as much show as possible. That's just the vicious truth. And not to excuse anyone in the slightest, but we've all been so thoroughly conditioned to it. It's shown on billboards, in commercials & TV … Continue reading Why Modesty is Important to Me

Because it’s National Coffee Day!

I didn't even know this was a thing until this morning, but hey, happy national coffee day! Honestly, I should have known, considering that the US has celebration days for like everything. And considering there are so many coffee lovers in this country.   So in celebration of this magnificent holiday I drunk a cup … Continue reading Because it’s National Coffee Day!

Fear God + Love God

Today's observation will be different, because it will have no conclusion to it. I have not yet learned to find complete harmony between these two concepts. The first one is this: many times in scripture, we are told to fear the LORD. In fact, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom! I … Continue reading Fear God + Love God

The Temple of God

It is no dispute what the Temple of the Old Testament was. Built in the days of king Solomon of Israel, the richest man who ever lived, the Temple was a gorgeous and costly building, taking many years to finish. There was gold, silver, precious gems, beautiful cloth, engravings; and all the work was done … Continue reading The Temple of God